My name is Lisa Best, and I am a board certified Holistic Nutritionist.

What is Holistic Nutrition and how is it different from regular nutrition you might

ask? Holistic Nutrition is an area of study that includes many of the science based

required courses of a Registered Dietician (biology, biochemistry, anatomy, and

physiology), but the approach is broader in scope and includes the concept of

healing the body through the integration of the mind, body and spirit.

The term “Holistic” is derived from the Greek meaning “whole”, and it reflects the

belief that wellness is achieved through healing the whole person. Oftentimes

mainstream medicine separates physical illness from mental/emotional illness, or

ignores the emotional component altogether because it is difficult to quantify

scientifically. Holistic practitioners recognize that health is greatly affected by emotional states, and that healing may be accelerated with

the help of spiritual connections, so they do not exclude emotions or spiritual influence from the healing process.

The Holistic approach also has the primary focus of finding the cause of an illness, and working to eliminate or repair the root cause,

rather than band-aiding the symptoms.

Not being medical doctors and not having a license to practice medicine, the output of Holistic Nutritionists is usually an educational plan

made in consultation with the client to adjust dietary and lifestyle habits that may prove beneficial to the healing process. The approach

is client centered, and involves the active participation of the client in ongoing conversations and evaluations of the plan.  Holistic

Nutritionists can work closely with a physician if there is an existing diagnosis to devise a dietary approach that supports healing, or they

can work independently to help with problem areas.

The body is an amazing organism, which can manufacture just about everything it needs to be strong and healthy, as long as the resources

to do so are present when needed. Instead of fighting or manipulating the body’s responses, the practice of Holistic Nutrition is designed

to maximize the natural effectiveness of the body, and to provide resources to optimally support its needs.

Most illnesses occur either because of damage created in the body by outside forces (bacteria, viruses, poor diet, toxins and pollutants), or

from lack of necessary tools (nutrients) needed by the body for repairs at a crucial time. Almost all illnesses or health conditions can be

improved with the added support of helpful nutrients.

One study estimates that over 80% of illnesses in the United States are diet related, with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease topping the

list.  Health issues including PMS, diabetes, cancer, obesity, GERD, asthma, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, IBS,

frequent colds, flu, allergies, and most other illnesses can be improved with Holistic Nutrition.

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